Ode to Fluffy Usurper

June 8, 2010

Fluffy Usurper was run over and killed on Saturday. It was very sudden, he wouldn’t have known anything, and everyone here is very sad.

I don’t know what I’m most shocked about; him suddenly going, or how I feel about him suddenly going.

You see, I’m a fraud. Admittedly, the first few weeks he was here he was a monumental pain in the arse, what with his jumping, and scratching, and humping, and general kitteny ways. But then he grew up a bit. I’ve never had a playmate. Always been a solitary cat. I’ve never socialized with the other cats no matter where I’ve lived. But eventually, when he stopped trying to eat my ears, I realised that in actual fact, he was alright.

I used to wait for him to eat first cos he was growing and outrageously greedy. I didn’t mind.

On more than one occasion we were caught sleeping curled up nose to tail.

We used to sunbathe together on the windowsill.

He was fearless. Me, I avoid all things that look even remotely hazardous.  He didn’t know that there was anything out there that could hurt him. He used to chase the stray dogs away, or at least try to, and then run up a tree. He would happily take on Volvo cat next door, and win.

He had golden ears and a stripey golden tail.

I didn’t see it happen, none of us did. A neighbour took him away and buried him out on the Prairie. Perhaps this is why I can’t stop sitting on the step outside, just keeping an eye out.  I know he’s not coming home, really. But I can’t stop waiting anyway.

He was not called Fluffy Usurper, of course. His name was Mr Wilson.

He was a good boy.


3 Responses to “Ode to Fluffy Usurper”

  1. victoria sayar said

    oh that brought a tear to my eye. Poor Zeebs, poor all of you. It’s so horrible to lose a pet –
    I had to take 2 days off work when my cat was put down. xxx

  2. mrs emo said

    Zeeb, you made me cry. But in a nice way. I bet he’s in kitty heaven, giving Volvo’s cat’s ancestors hell. Yeah.

  3. notwavingbutironing said

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Zeebling. x

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